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25 luglio 2011

Uzeda - Different section wires #1998

Different section wires was recorded by Steve Albini, and sure enough, this 1998 effort displays plenty of Albini's trademark angular, distorted guitar lines, and loud, popping snare drum sounds. While Uzeda's sludgy yet clipped guitar, bass, and drum parts are reminiscent of the JESUS LIZARD and Albini's group, SHELLAC, Giovanna Cacciola's singing is a far cry from Albini's misanthropic snarl. Instead, Cacciola delivers most of her vocals in an urgent, half-spoken wail. Instrumentally, Uzeda displays very little variety in dynamics or tempo: the volume stays on ten and drummer Agostino Tilotta usually plays snapping beats that have the flexibility of a brick wall. Cacciola, whose Sicilian accent is indecipherable, sometimes sounds like she could be begging the rest of the band to stop. Different section wires is a compelling record mostly because of the contrast between Cacciola's vulnerable singing and the rest of the band's punishing noise rock.

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Uzeda - Nico and his cats 


01. Nico and his cats
02. Stomp
03. Steel man
04. Suaviter
05. Ten stars
06. The milky way
07. Female
08. Big lies

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