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7 luglio 2011

CP/01 - Cyborg 100% #1994

Contropotere's final beautiful swan song. Otherwise known as "the shitty techno album". I've listened to this album somewhere around 10 times since I first heard it a few years ago, most of them have been in the last couple of months. This record has a bad reputation with the least in America. I'm still only getting to know it, but by my rating you can tell I consider it a 'masterpiece'. A few songs here are classic Contropotere and would have fit in fine on their other records, the rest are heavily built around electronics. This is as experimental and tribal as they've ever been, but they're using new instruments. Using them very well as far as I can hear. Why that's such a failure for punks is one of many questions I ask myself and find I've walked another few miles away from punkland. It's not a big deal until the music that's important to you - the meaning it's connected to in your head - can't be shared with anybody you know. To be fair that's no unique characteristic of punk. But for some reason, even though you've moved away from every single other thing you were a part of, that's a sad one. Not sure who this should be recommended to, it's taken me a little while to believe in it myself. Those who appreciate heavy music and electronic music might be a good start, or those that already like this band and are willing to give the album a chance. I've listened to a lot of music and don't have anything else that sounds like this...some early dancey industrial maybe or other sample/beat-heavy hardcore bands (CHRISTDRIVER, SWEAT ENGINE, BEAT TO DEATH? - I haven't heard these bands in a few years, I may be way off) could be a point of reference. Although really this album goes beyond that genre. The band mentions CP/01 on their website but it's hard to make out everything from the translation other than that Andrea De Marco (played on Il seme della devianza) brought the 'linea tekno-logica' and, "after a troubled two years of transformations, inside and external, in the '94 go out CP/01 Cyborg 100%". There's also the phrase 'cyber d'azione'. Cyber of action? This was self-released so it may be difficult to find but it's already on soulseek and will be on the internet very soon. Hopefully some new people will hear it.

via Rate Your Music

CP/01 - Bollettino n° 22


01. Diritto all'inferno
02. Embryo
03. Rovine
04. Sarajevo
05. Agente provocatore
06. Moto perpetuo
07. 4° Sakti
08. Attacco al visus
09. Fuga
10. Succube
11. Bollettino n° 22
12. Tempesta magnetica
13. Oltresuoni

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