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20 luglio 2011

The Stupid Set - Don't be cold (in the summer of love) (12") #1983

It was 1980, Stupid Set - from Bologna - exorded with a 7", 4 pieces of pure electronic experimentation, including a cover of Hello I love you of THE DOORS. It started the journey between avant-garde and electronic minimalist for the band formed by Giampiero Huber (GAZNEVADA), with the complicity of Paolo Bazzani (RUSK UND BRUSK), Giorgio Lavagna (GAZNEVADA) and Fabio Sabbioni. After this 7" inch they recorded a pair of 12 inches for Mmmh records, while a year later, the prevailing dark electronica wave noise, saw the band protagonist of Hear the rumble in the company of Henry Serotti (CONFUSIONAL QUARTET). "Soul Trade" however was the title of a very ambitious project, which put into practice the cut-up memory of Burroughs. The album was never published and the group saw the departure of Fabio, who lately formed the HI-FI BROS. So they started the project "Psycho Disco", which was represented live in the summer of 1982. It was a multimedia show, in the early 80's these forms of entertainment were quite unusual and "bizarre". It came shortly after the end of the group, which carved a dance version of a piece of "Psycho Disc", which for the occasion took the title Don't be cold (in the summer of love).

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The Stupid Set - Don't be cold (in the summer of love)


a1. Don't be cold (in the summer of love)

b1. Don't be cold (in the summer of love) (instrumental)

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