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5 luglio 2011

Pedago Party - L'arte della rivoluzione (tape) #1983

Rare dark-punk tape from Piacenza, Italy. Last two tracks appear in the 4xA/AxTutti compilation. Thanks to the excellent ITALIA und NEW WAVE blog.

Pedago Party - Die in Beirut


a1. Arabesque
a2. Pentax
a3. Vita
a4. Homo sapiens
a5. Sound source

b1. Mirror of the darkness
b2. Nemesi
b3. Magie noire
b4. Lo spazio che ci resta
b5. Die in Beirut

Download here


2 commenti:

jolicoeur ha detto...

Thank you! I like tho 2 songs on 4xa compilation. Great! Thank you again!

Titus Bresthell ha detto...

Thanks for the comment, Jmarc.
To be honest the rest of the tape is more dark than punk...anyway, good band.