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14 luglio 2011

Sswiissh!! - Save planet earth...make no more children #2007

Born in the summer of 2005 from the ashes of NERVI. Truly concerned about the d.i.y. ethic, veganism/vegetarianism, old school hardcore and speedy thrash/death metal. Anarchism not as a fashion but as a statement. The band gravitates around a squat called La Villa Occupata in Milano. Melo (vox) used to play in 10000 bands during the 90's, like BY ALL MEANS, EGOTISMO, NO SOMOS NADA, SOCIETY OF JESUS and yes, he's got tattoos on his face. But no, he won't pierce you for free. Davide (bass) is a crazy dude with passion for bicycles (building and fixxing) and he loves to drink beer. Adam (guit) is the younger, the most diplomatic and the one who's shitting out those freakey heavy riffs from his ass. Pulce (drums) basically is an idiot, he's str8 edge but absolutely not connected to the world sxe scene, he also sings/plays in other bands.
We're a mix of punk/thrash metal/grindcore and power violence, and Befa from VOMIT FOR BREAKFAST said this is pretty appropriate. Trust him.

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Sswiissh!! - Sarà dura


01. Sinistri
02. Svastica rossa
03. Alitalia airlager
04. Giudice tg
05. Resistenti/Bike punx
06. Fanculo il Grande Fratello
07. Cenere
08. Per un porco blu/Dio denaro
09. Stanco di te
10. Fallaci is dead...go
11. Come tanti John Wayne
12. Sarà dura
13. Vampiri in Vaticano

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