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13 settembre 2011

Bz Bz Ueu - Bz Bz Ueu #1995

This self-titled CD ep was Bz Bz Ueu's first release. Right from the start, the Italian group showed strong influences from - or at least similarities to - Estonia's NE ZHDALI and the Czech Republic's UZ JSME DOMA, although they rely a lot less on a local folk color to personalize their brand of avant-punk. These seven short songs display the unbridled energy of punk youth coupled with a taste for atonal mayhem. A punk riff can lead to an outburst of free improv before falling back on its tracks as if nothing had happened (Cognitivo stands as a highlight). If Edy Leo's vocals are hard to make out, his trombone confers an occasional Mediterranean touch (in the entertaining tradition of Pino Minafra). But this album is not as convincing as the group's subsequent ep Uhozmerigotz. The pieces tend to be too unidimensional (Smarti and Pica Pica suffer from that). It still packs a lot of punch and will appeal to fans of GOD IS MY CO-PILOT and the Olympia avant-rock connection (GET HUSTLE, etc.).

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Bz Bz Ueu - Ta-Dh


01. Entro
02. Victor Fortuna
03. Cognitivo
04. Smarti
05. A/R
06. Pica Pica
07. Ta-Dh

El Borracho dischi
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Ciao, non li conoscevo e sono bravissimi. Purtroppo il link non è più attivo... :( potreste fare un reupload? mille grazie per la musica che proponete!!

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