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19 febbraio 2014

Drowning Pool - Drowning Pool #1987

Drowning Pool's second album is an entrance into a zone of dangers and torments, landscapes of fluid forms and terrifying violence, initiation rites of suffering, sweat and tears, with glimpses into spaces of transcending beauty. The march of imperialism, machinery of oppression, fragmented barks of military orders' speaking a language we don't understand (Romans); ominous, relentless drums, feverish sleep punctuated by the "erotic sound of gunfire" (Pogrum); jungle sounds, primitive drumming and dancing, savage female voices, eerie incantations, infernal animal and bird noises, squawks and grunts, cooking pots and hunters' cries, and a vibrating buzzing (this sound is often described at the beginning of psychedelic voyages, and Huichol shamans create e a similar sound, like hiving bees, prior to initiation ceremonies). "Archaic slave rhythm" (Open Palms) women with flowing guitar chords; a wild ecstatic voice and fierce drumming, a driving, un/coiling motion, in New Tremblin Fingers.

via Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool - Romans


a1. Romans
a2. What of singing birds
a3. Open palms
a4. Pogrum

b1. Broken jawed woman says
b2. New tremblin fingers
b3. Edith, hold put your hand
b4. P.E. 26
b5. Paradise found

Scarface Charley records
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