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30 luglio 2012

Un Quarto Morto - Australian tour 2010 (7") #2010

Un Quarto Morto started in June 2006, the idea was to play fast and  in-your-face and let our feelings burst out: the result was a fast and violent hardcore, with lyrics that inquire the social context we're living in. We totally played about 100 gigs, we toured Europe twice and we did a 15 gigs Australian tour in the end of 2010. We broke up in February 2011. That's all.

via Bandcamp

Un Quarto Morto - Insensato sgomitare


a1. Mala tempora
a2. La guerra dalla parte dei vinti
a3. Diavolerio

b1. Insensato sgomitare
b2. Il parto di un mostro
b3. Non provare cordoglio

Good Times records
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