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8 luglio 2012

Scientists - Weird love #1986

If you've got plenty of disposable cash, there are about a dozen Scientists recordings available as pricy Aussie imports. But if you wanted one chunk of strum from Kim Salmon and his twisted pals, Weird love is as good (and inexpensive) a place to start as any, since it's the only Scientists recording to be released in the States. Loaded with pumped-up guitars and psychedelic flourishes, it's a bash fest from the start that is relentlessly powerful and intense. Not a new release per se, Weird love is in fact tracks collected from earlier Aussie-only recordings. Still, it's an accurate reflection of how good this band could be, and certainly will make you excited enough to want to explore more of their exciting, loud and rocking world.

via AllMusic

Scientists - Swampland


a1. Swampland
a2. Hell beach
a3. Demolition derby
a4. Murderess in a purple dress
a5. We had love
a6. Nitro

b1. If it's the last thing I do
b2. Lead foot
b3. When fate deals its mortal blow
b4. Atom bomb baby
b5. Set it on fire
b6. You only live twice

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