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29 luglio 2012

Choriachi - Mope variations/Dope radiations #2008

Born in 2005, the first nucleo of the band was Luke "Cheap driller" (guit/voice), Valzilla (drums) and Slim "Swinger" (bass). After one year they met Mr. Phil From Mars in a wiskeybar, and the magic began... Their sound is influenced by the californian desert mood (QOTSA,FU MANCHU,DESERT SESSIONS) as same as MELVINS and DOWN, to create a original mix of isteric r'n'r, tragicomedy and blues.
Every song from Choriachi talks about suffering, loss and despair, but with a broken smile on the lips, 'cause ehy man this is the real life, isn't it? Sure! Let's drink something strong...
da Cynic Lab

Choriachi - Motor de chora


a1. Space mud
a2. Just a boy
a3. Dogs
a4. Galaxy 999
a5. Pink flaming gres

b1. Cocksmoker’s blues
b2. V8
b3. Rgb = Plastic rainbow
b4. Motor de chora
b5. Mental traveller

Cynic Lab
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