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21 luglio 2012

Annie Anxiety - Barbed wire halo (7") #1981

Little Annie, a.k.a. Annie Anxiety, born Annie Bandez, is an adventuress, chanteuse/lyricist and artist with a long, illustrious and eclectic recording career. Born in New York, with no intention of a career in the arts, she pursued numerous jobs, criss-crossed the continent "earning her poetic license" until she found herself on stage at the legendary Max's Kansas City, fronting the atonal, savage dance rhymed band the ASEXUALS at the sneak-in-the-back-door age of 16.
After meeting Steve Ignorant from the band CRASS on her doorstep a year later, she went to the United Kingdom for a two-week visit and stayed over a decade.
In the UK she made the first of her many recordings, the still avant-garde Barbed wire halo, a collaboration with Crass drummer Penny Rimbaud for Crass Records.

via On-U Sound In The Area

Annie Anxiety - Cyanide tears


a1. Cyanide tears

b1. Hello horror

Crass records
Download here


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