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24 giugno 2011

Vonneumann - Switch Parmenide #2006

Switch Parmenide establishes Vonneumann's return to recordings after a four year period, and with its shining style marks positively the debut of the series "the hare recordings"; the hare being a long-eared, running, hopping, zig-zaging animal, destined as game flavouring for "pappardella" pasta.
So, already here you have a blob of accidents – such as 'audition', 'movement', 'disorder', and 'fulfillment' – all being referred to in this record in a chance game.
But if the role of the hare is to flee, that of the dog is to chase, that of the hunter to shoot, Vonneumann is the one run after, the one who chases and the killer alltogether. It's the clotting of opposites which joins unicity and multipicity, melody and dissonance, analog and digital techniques, stillness and motion, rhythm that fades into melody and melody that crumbles in rhythm... imp-rock... free-rock... art-rock... these seem the key words that are the foundation of a sound that is embedded of a half a century memory: going from the VELVET UNDERGROUND to RADIAN, passing through HENRY COW, MINUTEMEN and STARFUCKERS.
But it's an improrock done with such nonchalance, with such an ability to smoothen and polish all the edges, that it might bring together the black angel of Velvet Underground in a sexual embrace
with the graceful sultan from the DIRE STRAITS, and this is absolutely not a negative comment.
Since the four members of Vonneumann are a single entity but not univocal, it is correct to refer to some of those that have been mentioned as true passions: the winding grace of Paulo Roberto Falcão, Don Barthelme's astonishing fiction, the tenacious attitude from CARCASS, Rodney Mullen's freestyle, Marcel Duchamp's bewildering art and, being faithful to the absurd picture that Vonneumann wants to portray, linking Zeno's four paradoxes to the darting skateboards, also to the inebriated tinkling of empty glasses at the end of a bacchanal with friends.
I see myself re-reading these notes, after having listened to the record, holding it in my hands, and I ask myself whether it might have been better not to have written anything, leaving this space blank and the duty of presenting this music, to the beauty of the music itself.
300 copies worldwide

via I Dischi Della Lepre/Homemade Avantgarde

Vonneumann - Half cab segmento


01. Half cab segmento
02. Late Achille wheelie, tartaruga out
03. One foot freccia big spin
04. No comply varial revert (le file mobil)
05. Il quinto paradosso (normal stance)

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