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9 giugno 2011

Undertakers - Suffering within #1996

This is the first effort of this good band from Naples. Undertakers can be considered one of the first brutal death metal band in Italy together with MIND SNARE from Turin, HORRID, NATRON and few others. The scene in Italy is not bad but some promoters don’t care about those very good bands and Undertakers released this album 5 years after having founded the band, for a very small label.
Their music is a good death metal, influenced by what was happening in the United States in that period. The first song Immortal invocation is one of the fastest one, alternating up tempos in pure death metal style to blast beats not so well done...the drummer is quite good but not excellent for the brutal parts. This is the main problem...the second track Inquisition is very good and here you can hear influences from NAPALM DEATH’s Harmony Corruption and first DEICIDE, concerning also the guitar sound, very heavy and in some parts where the screams and growls are together.
Killing machine song alternates SUFFOCATION’s slowest parts, very fucking heavy mid tempos with quite technical guitar parts, to the blast beats. One of the most violent song of this album.
The rest of the songs are quite the same stuff…good death metal. Sometimes tracks are too similar and some parts are a bit boring. The last track Seed is an instrumental one, made of some strange noises and distortion.
Fortunately is not a long album and it can be listen quite easily...surely the have to improve the songwriting and make some parts less boring. The drummer must improve his blast beats because they are not done so well and seems like he doesn’t want to do it in the right way. Anyway, a quite good debut!

via Encyclopaedia Metallum

Undertakers - Immortal invocation


01. Immortal invocation
02. Inquisition
03. Human decline
04. Killing machine
05. Eternal punishment
06. Pathological maniac
07. Beyond the dreams
08. Seed

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