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26 giugno 2011

ReaniManiacs - Fistful of thrash! (ep) #2009

Reanimaniacs are a rotten trio formed on the roads of Bologna in 2009 from an idea of the two 'friends from a life' Andrea Cattani (bass) and Tommaso ciccoti (drums), former members in groups like LOCKDOWN and X-BEEN RIDE (Ciccotti still plays in this last one).
The duo, grew up from pizza and hardcore (from the most melodic to the most despicable) and they passed all the 2009 with the goal to create an hardcore band 'ignorant and squared', but the research of a valid guitarist was far to be accomplished. Some call this 'luck', other 'alcohol abuse', but the duo were found in extreme condition by Danny Brunelli (militant in the declared thrash metal band, NUCLEAR HECATOMB from Bologna)...and than there was ignorance.
Sharing the passion for b-movies, splatters with dubious taste, old school italian horror movies, mixing the musical background of each component, punk, hardcore, thrash, metal, and sharing music each other, in the spring of 2009, the world turn upside down, then inside out, and the heart of the newly reanimated creature, began to beat. From a horror cult movie, based on a novel of H.P. Lovecraft and from one of the most famous old school thrash chorus Reanimaniacs (reanimated maniacs) see the light, ready to infest your cities with obscenities and obesity...and eat your pizza of course.

via ReverbNation

ReaniManiacs - Heeding the call of thrash


01. Headbanger zombie attack!
02. Heeding the call of thrash
03. Posers...? Not in my house!
04. Modern horror movies suck
05. The sad story of Lonely Bum

[bonus track] Beer, boards and bandanas (just a thrashcore anthem)

Download here


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