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15 giugno 2011

Tampax - O'Dio (one sided 7") #1985

Italian prime-mover punk band formed in 1978 in Pordenone by Ado and Willy Gibson. They released the very first italian punk 7" single, a split with their fellows HITLER SS, and were also among the founders of The Great Complotto, an independent record label and countercultural organization. Both Ado and Gibson had their own electronic/experimental side-projects, CANCER and MUSIQUE MECANIQUE, and were involved in the production of many local new wave and punk bands. During the 1990s, Tampax had a fan club that requested a photo of your genitals as compulsory subscription fee.

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500 copies pressed. Generic die cut with picture sleeve with several stamps (on front/back ps, and/or only front ps). According to Ado (band's singer) also exist eight test pressing copies with rehearsal of O'Dio recorded on side B.

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Tampax - O'Dio


a1. O'Dio

Download here


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