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16 giugno 2011

Rosemary's Babies - Blood lust #1983

Pulled from the festering womb of Lodi, New Jersey, Rosemary’s Babies came screaming into the world in 1981. The brainchild of Eerie Von and Post Mortem, Rosemary’s Babies were everything the Lodi Music Scene came to represent: loud, fast, angry and aggressive. Rosemary’s Babies were together for 3 years from the years of 1981 thru 1983.  During that time, they spent unending hours writing and recording song after song after song. Rosemary’s Babies split for good in ‘83 when Eerie got the call. Glenn from THE MISFITS needed a bass player for his new project, SAMHAIN. Eerie went on to play in Samhain and DANZIG as well as a prolific solo career.

via Ghastly records

Rosemary's Babies - Happy song


a1. Blood lust
a2. I'm gonna be sick
a3. Happy song
a4. Inferior
a5. Small minds, think small

b1. Talking to the dead
b2. Sanctioned violence
b3. Let's molest 10yr. olds
b4. One dead low-life
b5. That's right, that's O.K.

Ghastly records
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