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30 maggio 2011

Rasta & Peace Corporation - Banbaalacha #1992/Ai confini della realtà (split w/ Warfare?) #1994

Reggae songs and hardcore songs, a double soul searching for a personal way. The attempt is weak, because it doesn't reach a compact mix between the two genres. The lyrics touch the themes held dear by the politically commited punks: exploitation, racism, multinational companies, militarism. Hardcore-hippies in tune with the diy radicalism. Anyway a praiseworthy attempt.

via Sonic Reducer

Two anarcho-punk bands from Italy join up for an immense collaboration of music, message and politics. The cover is a large fold-out poster, in the style pioneered by CRASS, with lyrics and introductory information on one side and a poster on the other. All of the contents are in Italian, but the copy we were given includes translations of their anti-state lyrics and message. Musically, Rasta & Peace Corporation play a wide variety of styles from ska to reggae to fast punk rock, while Warfare? play a more refined style of powerful punk, with melodic twists and the level of variety know from bands like NO MEANS NO and FALSE PROPHETS. Overall, a pretty spectacular production, but the message may be lost to most of us without the English translations.

via Profane Existence #28, spring 1996

Rasta & Peace Corporation - Fino in fondo

Banbaalacha #1992

a1. Intro
a2. Africa inkazzata
a3. Problems
a4. Rasta & Peace Corporation
a5. Nord come il sud...
a6. Stoned again

b1. Chi ce lo fa fare
b2. Vorrei vivere così
b3. Quando la patria chiama
b4. L'uomo vuol morire
b5. Pino's party (in Lokowaz)
b6. Afn Atanafn

R&PC official blog
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Ai confini della realtà (split w/ Warfare?) #1994


a1. RASTA & PEACE CORPORATION - Video spazzatura
a2. Fino in fondo
a3. Senza tregua (live)
a4. Troppo odio (live)
a5. L'uomo vuol morire (live)

b1. WARFARE? - MiAmi!
b2. Arbeit macht frei
b3. Morte allo stato
b4. 04†301

R&PC official blog
Download here


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