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21 maggio 2011

Borscht - Primitive borscht (demotape) #1983

Nine songs in a melodic thrash mold that's more reminiscent of certain SoCal bands like the ADOLESCENTS than the East Coast approach. Musically, it's really tight and fairly zesty, and the lyrics are also generally coherent (though there are occasional examples of retardo stuff, both intentional and unintentional).

Tim Yohannan from Maximum Rocknroll #12, March 1984

Borscht - Suburbia


a1. Bye bye
a2. Enemy
a3. He's my dog
a4. Authority

b1. Closin' in
b2. Suburbia
b3. Mommy's a ghoul
b4. [untitled]
b5. No morality
b6. Tired

Download here


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