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1 maggio 2013

Boyz Nex' Door - Radio Honolulu #1998

Boyz Nex' Door were from Italy and played a cool mix of Killed By Death-style punk and trashy late '50s/early '60s r'n'r à la THE A-BONES. They had a whole mess of limited edition 7"ers on various labels and this here CD on 1+2 Records outta Japan.

via In The Rubber Room

Boyz Nex' Door - She's so bad


01. Radio Honolulu
02. Juvenile delinquent
03. Hey!
04. Get stuffed
05. So kool
06. Tacoma's bridge dance
07. Shake it up
08. Mr. Skullhead
09. Marc Bolan stomp
10. Mexico go-go
11. Communist radio
12. Homer Simpson is a friend o' mine
13. I drink the beer
14. She's so bad
15. My girl Sue

1+2 records
Download here


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