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28 maggio 2013

Maximum Joy - Station M.X.J.Y. #1982

Maximum Joy was an offshoot of the POP GROUP. They were a post-punk band that existed after the Pop Group's breakup in the early '80s. Signed to the Y label, Maximum Joy issued a trio of 12" and 7" singles prior to making Station M.X.J.Y., their lone album. Apparently the band split shortly thereafter. Former Pop Group members/guitarists Dan Catsis (who had previously spent time in the GLAXO BABIES) and John Waddington formed the group, and they were joined by Janine Rainforth (vocals, clarinet, violin), Kev Evans (bass, piano, vocals), and Tony Wrafter (sax, flute, trumpet).

via AllMusic

Maximum Joy - Dancing on my boomerang


a1. Dancing on my boomerang
a2. Do it today
a3. Let it take you there
a4. Searching for a feeling

b1. Where's Deke?
b2. Temple bomb twist
b3. Mouse an' me
b4. All wrapped up!

Y records
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