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18 novembre 2012

VV.AA. - Frammenti (tape) #1987

Excellent Italian compilation, with the exception of one French band and one from Holland. Modern-classical & experimental composition. Two Tone: are from Holland, Eindhoven to be exact. Marco Pustianaz, Dr Cancer: is an Italian artist who made solo recordings and releases under the name Dr Cancer, he also worked with Dsordne, Marco Pustianaz started in the mid Eighties as a Fanzine it evolved like many other independent ventures with it´s contacts. An associated mail-order catalogue and involvement in concert and tour organisation led into releasing the DsorDNE/LEGENDARY PINK DOTS split 7" in 1987 and to further involvement with Marco Milanesio’s project (Dsordne) which founded the bases for the Hax Materiali Per La Comunicazione Label. Giorgio Cantoni: Italian artist who has releases under the name L’ULTIMO ARCANO, and worked with DETONAZIONE. DDAA: see → or →. Dsordne: (read Disordine) are a tight group of people deeply involved with how to experiment with electronics and lyrics, therefore they’re not terribly “in” in Italy at the moment, believing as they do in personal communication rather than in market strategies. They started to get some recognition around 1985 with the single Premonition 11, shared with Legendary Pink Dots, which came out in three editions. Frammenti was released as a cassette in a video box with a 24 paged booklet (bound together with a cord and lead closing) by Bekko Bunsen (BEBÚ 882) in 1987.

via The Thing On The Doorstep


a1. TWO TONE - Review
a2. MARCO PUSTIANAZ - Your Murmurs Emily We Could Not Hear
a3. GIORGIO CANTONI - La Reversa Onirica
a4. DR CANCER - King Of Men
a5. MARCO PUSTIANAZ - La Morte Di G.R.
a6. DDAA - Extract 1 From N-B-S-D-L-P

b1. DR CANCER - One Two Three Pray For Me
b2. DSORDNE - Al Contrario
b3. MARCO PUSTIANAZ - Hammer/Martello
b4. GIORGIO CANTONI - La Regina Di Budapest

Bekko Bunsen
Download here


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Anonimo ha detto...

Complimenti per questo splendido post. Amo veramente questo nastro, lo conosco a memoria. Insuperabile Cantoni, senza far torto agli altri. Grande Pustianaz, qui ai tempi di Snowdonia.
Avanti così, siete forti.