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6 marzo 2012

Mittageisen - Hard-core/Transylvania 1760 (7") #1979

January 1979. In England the first wave of punk had already run out of its propellant drive and was starting to implode and retreating into itself.
In Italy punk in its beginning stage, with several misunderstandings and doubts. At the same time as an "official and controlled" production of records labelled as "punk", an authentic self-production, free from any concept of business, is making its way. In this context the record is to be regarded as one of the first self-produced music material in Italy.
Musically, it's influenced by the distinctive moods of the BANSHEES' first records (Mittageisen is one of the song included in the first lp). The very few copies issued were sold quickly, even in Caru's shop in Gallarate (it was one of the few shops were you could find lots of punk records).
It can be surely regarded as one of the ten rarest and sought after records in worldwide punk discography. You're lucky if you can find a copy before you're dead and gone. Good luck!

Fritz via Sonic Reducer

Mittageisen - Hard-core


a1. Hard-core

b1. Transylvania 1970

Sadist records
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