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18 marzo 2012

Folk Devils - Discography #1984-1987

Folk Devils were an early 1980s post-punk ensemble born of the Notting Hill, West London music scene.
Founding member Ian Lowery had initially been signed to KILLING JOKE’s Malicious Damage label as leader of the group SKI PATROL. Politics and the general tensions that seemed endemic to the Killing Joke scene led Ian to leave Ski Patrol and recruit long time friend of Jaz Coleman - Alan Cole on drums, Kris Jojazitis on guitar (now Dr Kris Jozatis at Stirling University) and Mark Whiteley, from Wales, on bass to form another, more satisfying but no less intense project - the Folk Devils.
The sound was a bastardised blend of punk, blues, and amphetamine fuelled angst with the music often walking a fine line between a patchwork of brilliant musicianship and violence. The political and ideological canvass for the Folk Devils was the miners strike, Thatcher’s Britain, mass unemployment and the flooding of Britains street with heroin and despair.
Initially managed by Ray Gange, star of the Clash’s film Rude Boy, the Folk Devils first single Hank turns blue recorded for £180 (the bands combined dole money) and released by the label Rough Trade resided at number three in the indie charts for six weeks being kept off the top spot only by NEW ORDER and DEPECHE MODE.
Three Peel sessions followed in quick succession. Subsequent recordings were critically acclaimed and musical luminaries such as Jason Pierce of SPIRITUALIZED still regard the Folk Devils as a highly influential musical force. Having recorded the Beautiful monster ep in 1985 which charted nationally at 47 and the in 1986 Fire and chrome ep which was well received throughout Europe, drug and alcohol use finally caused the band to disintegrate as their first and only album Goodnight irony was finally released by Situation Two. The Folk Devils, as Brian Taylor of Killing Joke’s management said at the time, “were a force of nature live and were never quite able to capture that ferocity on record”. Ian Lowery died in 2001 having continued to work throughout the late 80s and early 90s the with Nigel Pulsford of BUSH on the KING BLANK project and the IAN LOWERY BAND.

ps: grazie a mastro VOM per avermi fatto conoscere questa delizia di band.

Folk Devils - Where the buffalo roam

Folk Devils (7") #1984

a1. Hank turns blue

b1. Chewing the flesh

Ganges records


Beautiful monster (12" ep) #1984

a1. Beautiful monster (extended version)
a2. Art ghetto

b1. Brian Jones' bastard son
b2. Nice people

Ganges records


Fire and chrome (12" ep) #1985

a1. English disease
a2. Where the buffalo roam
a3. Wail

b1. Evil eye



The best protection (12" ep) #1987

a1. The best protection

b1. Your mistake
b2. The third stroke

Situation Two


Goodnight irony #1987

a1. Hank turns blue
a2. English disease
a3. Where the buffalo roam
a4. Beautiful monster
a5. Wail
a6. Nice people
a7. Albino

b1. Brian Jones' bastard son
b2. It drags on
b3. Evil eye
b4. Art ghetto
b5. Chewing the flesh

Situation Two
Download here


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Anonimo ha detto...

great blog man !
a re-upload will be great


Folk Devils ha detto...

All music is being re-issued next month (Sept 16th), the complete recorded works, singles + bonus demo recordings, all remastered for CD and Vinyl.

Tutta la musica è stato ripubblicato il mese prossimo (16 settembre), la completa inciso opere, registrazioni single + bonus demo, il tutto rimasterizzato per CD e vinile.

Titus Bresthell ha detto...

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