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15 marzo 2012

Failures - Failures #2009

Failures is an empowering new musical group from the East Coast. Comprised of four ambitious men, who under the most extreme scrutiny have courageously rendered this super-charged missive of volatile energy. Appearing at a moment in history that can only be best described as a yawning pit of deluded regurgitation, this 14 song attack answers your life’s desperate call for Meaning.

via Youth Attack

Failures - Cheer up


a1. Cheer up
a2. Blame
a3. Friends
a4. Stay home
a5. Privacy
a6. Parents
a7. Motivation

b1. Middle age
b2. Procedures
b3. Serious goals
b4. I've done unspeakable things again
b5. Crowning achievement
b6. Time well spent
b7. Fill in

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