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24 marzo 2012

Ghetto 84 - Discography #1987-1995

Ghetto 84 is the name of a punk-Oi! band from Bologna, that played together from 1984 to 1997. Having a strong political orientation, meaning anarchical-revolutionary, the band became well known in the world of underground social centers and the bolognese punk counter-culture and other Italian fringe groups, reaching their peak in popularity (obviously in a very specific political-cultural context) by making a certain name for themselves on the international scene (above all in Europe).
Together with groups like NABAT, KLASSE KRIMINALE and another selected few, the Ghetto 84 are considered to be one of the more representative groups of their era and of the cultural context that they exemplified.
The group was composed of Rude (singer), Chicco and Tullo (guitars), Gambero and later on Pippo (bass), Antonio "Blackman" (drums). To-date only one album had been cut, A denti stretti (Gridalo Forte records 1995) plus a few participations in punk music compilations, including Gridalo Forte records (a compilation produced by the same recording company), Para todos todo, nada para nosotros (self-published by the Ya Basta association in Rome), and Oi! Siamo ancora qui (a compilation of the Oi! Italian bands). The next recording will be published for Ansaldi records and will be the Tracce 87-91 anthology, a collection of various and sundry recordings of the original group formation.

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Ghetto 84 - Dozza prison blues

La rumba (demotape) #1987

a1. La rumba
a2. Stupidità
a3. Bologna la rossa
a4. Mezzanotte in un bar

b1. Noi dell'Illinois
b2. Louie Louie
b3. Le donne non ci vogliono più

Download here


A denti stretti #1995

01. Dozza prison blues
02. No woman no cry (Marley cover)
03. Feccia
04. Papeete mon amour
05. Un altro giorno di gloria (NABAT cover)
06. Nel mio barrio
07. Cielito lindo (Tequila version)
08. Rockstar
09. Colpo su colpo
10. Love song
11. Lavora produci e crepa
12. A denti stretti
13. Mezzanotte in un bar

Gridalo Forte records
Download here


Tracce 87-91 #2008

01. La rumba
02. Stupidità
03. Bologna la rossa
04. Mezzanotte in un bar
05. Noi dell'Illinois
06. Willie Louie
07. Le donne non ci vogliono più...
08. Mario
09. Feccia nelle vie
10. Betty blue
11. Il maniaco
12. Speed beat
13. Spirito di John Belushi
14. Povero gangstar
15. Dammi i soldi
16. Tequila o morte
17. Foglie alte & rum
18. La mazurka dell'uccellino
19. Feccia
20. Willie Snoopy (live)

Ansaldi records
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