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8 agosto 2011

The Triffids - Son of Dungeon Tape (tape) #1988

Australian folk-pop band The Triffids was formed in Perth in 1980 by singer/songwriter David McComb, his guitarist/violinist brother Robert, and drummer Alsy MacDonald. Although chiefly influenced by the VELVET UNDERGROUND, McComb's songs also drew heavily on the stark desolation of his rural upbringing, incorporating elements of country and blues to paint haunting portraits of isolation and longing.
Various members passed through the lineup during the Triffids' early years, although the core trio remained intact throughout. Shortly after the additions of Martyn Casey and keyboardist Jill Birt, the band recorded their 1983 debut, Treeless plain, for the Hot label, followed a year later by the ep Raining pleasure. Heralding the arrival of steel guitarist Evil Graham Lee, 1986's Born Sandy Devotional was the Triffids' creative breakthrough, and after recording the low-budget follow-up, In the pines, in a wool-shearing shed in the Australian outback, the group signed to major label Island to issue their 1987 masterpiece Calenture, their first recording with guitarist Adam Peters. Unfortunately, commercial expectations for 1989's Stephen Street-produced The black swan weren't met, and the Triffids disbanded soon after.

via AllMusic
An anthology of songs by The Triffids, 1979-1983.

The Triffids - Nothing good


a1. Red Pony
a2. Plaything
a3. My Baby Thinks She's A Train
a4. M.G.M.
a5. Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think
a6. Nothing Good Is Going To Come Of This
a7. Family Name
a8. Madeline

b1. Twisted Brain
b2. I Can't Wait To See Your Gun
b3. Hours At A Time
b4. Man Who Can
b5. Son of Reverie
b6. Son of Stand Up
b7. Branded
b8. Nothing Can Take Your Place

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