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25 agosto 2011

Sedatives - Sedatives (7") #2008

One more time the Trashcue Team at P.Trash records strikes and provides the small garage-punk world with an already-gone gemstone that was originally released in Canada on the band's own Going Gaga records in an edition of 300 copies that went flying.
These four canadian gentlemen may be held responsibles for having written one of the best songs in ages with Slip away, a STATUES/PEGBOY-like earwig which, just like the other four companions on this record, has a dark and wavy WIPERS-edge and a grinding organ backing the cool and catchy melodies in smashers like Cannot calm down or Dead to the discourse. No mistake about it: this ain't no shitty sounding downer, this is some high-class upper that will make you wiggle and keep you wide awake all night long! You wanna be sedated by the Sedatives! Go grab it now, it's limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl and has a reworked and fancied-up artwork done by Matt at Doublenaut!

via P. Trash records

Sedatives - Same mistakes


a1. Cannot calm down
a2. Same mistakes

b1. Slip away
b2. Superstitious minds
b3. Dead to the discourse

P. Trash records
Download here


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