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3 agosto 2011

Plastic Bertrand - Tout petite la planete (7") #1979

Plastic Bertrand was the alias of new wave prankster Roger Jouret, a native of Belgium who appropriated the sound and style of the new wave movement in order to give it a gently satirical poke in the ribs, while scoring several European hits in the process. Jouret began his musical career as a drummer for the belgian punk trio HUBBLE BUBBLE, which recorded one unsuccessful album. When Jouret met producer/songwriter Lou Deprijck, the two struck up a recording partnership; Jouret emphasized his pretty-boy looks and punkish fashion sense. Their first effort, Ça plane pour moi (This life's for me), is widely regarded as a new wave classic for its gleefully deranged stupidity, with Jouret singing french nonsense lyrics in a cartoonish voice over basic three-chord rock & roll complete with saxophones and a falsetto vocal hook straight out of the BEACH BOYS or FOUR SEASONS. The song was a smash in Europe and became a cult favorite in America; Plastic Bertrand continued to release records in Europe, including a U.K. hit remake of the SMALL FACES' Sha-la-la-la-lee. Bertrand experimented with seemingly every new wave fashion, including spacy electronics, disco, bubblegum pop, reggae, and spoken word raps, all with the same naggingly entertaining stupidity.

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Plastic Bertrand - Tout petit la planete


a1. Tout petit la planete

b1. J'te fais un plain

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