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14 agosto 2011

S.O.B. - Osaka mon amour (7" bootleg) #1988

S.O.B. (sometimes also known as SxOxBx, which is an acronym for Sabotage Organised Barbarian, sometimes also known as Sounds/Symphonies of Brutality) formed in 1983 in Osaka, Japan. S.O.B. are highly regarded as one of the leading pioneers of grindcore music and pushing the style onward. Originally S.O.B. started as a hardcore punk band whom later played grindcore style music. Their music would soon evolve with the influence of metal music and they would evolve into a thrashing unit with many experimental tendencies.
What S.O.B. did along with the fathers of grindcore, NAPALM DEATH, was further innovate the genre and influence other bands that would mimic their style or just have an impact on their own bands music. Both bands were known as the leading pioneers of the mass grindcore movement during the late 80's. Unlike Napalm Death, S.O.B. has (and still) remain underrated and this is typically because they've never expanded their music out of Japan.
S.O.B. were so much of an influence on many bands today, some obviously influenced by S.O.B.'s sound like BRUTAL TRUTH, CARCASS and other grindcore units. One of the bands S.O.B. influenced isn't the most obvious band to be influenced by them but were tremendously swayed by their sound.

via Encyclopaedia Metallum

Side A recorded in 1986
Side B recorded in 1988

S.O.B. - Mental attitude


a1. Revival
a2. I'm a dreamer
a3. Last real fight
a4. Soft spoken
a5. Mental attitude
a6. Humanity of stupids

b1. Nightmare
b2. Trap
b3. Sacrifice of devour bones
b4. No control
b5. Blitzkrieg bop (RAMONES cover)
b6. Slap in the face

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