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4 agosto 2011

Dead Elephant - Thanatology #2011

Introducing Dead Elephant who are: Enrico Tauraso (electric guitar, voice, power electronics, samples), Fulvio Grosso (electric bass, voice) and Omar Tomaino (drums).
Hailing from Cuneo in Italy, Dead Elephant formed in 2002 and previously released Sing the separation (2005) followed by the critically acclaimed Lowest shared descent (2008). This year, they finally close the four year gap with a brand new and beastly album Thanatology, due for release in July.
Thanatology aims to investigate the process of acceptance of loss, a concept particularly timely in these transitional times in which we live. In order to understand precisely where the band are coming from with this concept, here is a deeper explanation:
In this order of things life can sometimes be cruel. Sometimes we feel caught in a strange trap. The events appear to us as a dark spiral and our destiny is lost in it. Within this dark spiral, it is very difficult understand what is right and what is wrong. There, something must burn and you must accept to lose it. From the consciousness that some things must die in order to for change to be born”.
Dead Elephant's powerful sonic assault has a wide range of influences from the heaviness of bands like CHERUBS, JESUS LIZARD, COLOSSAMITE, MELVINS, BLACK SABBATH, CELCTIC FROST to the psychedelic attitudes of ASH RA TEMPEL, CLUSTER, NEUROSIS and Badalamenti soundtracks, all prevalent throughout this latest record.
On Thanatology, Dead Elephant attack the listener with their claustrophobic and visceral sonic forces and fuse these brutally heavy sounds with moments of genuine haunting beauty, which are actual samples of the funeral marches of Southern Italy. The effects of these galvanizing forces are that of ultimate catharsis that not only challenge the listener, but also force one to question preconceptions of heavy music.

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Dead Elephant - Destrudo


01. Bardo Thodol
02. On the stem
03. Destrudo
04. A teardrop on your grave/Dawnfall of Xibalba

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