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16 febbraio 2011

ZGA - The end of an epoch #1991

This band hails from Latvia, and began working during a time when the government frowned upon (to put it mildly) independent "citizens" making their own music. Their original recording sessions were made under secretive conditions with homemade instruments and makeshift recording equipment in their own domicile, with matresses pushed up against the walls and windows to hide the goings-on, and "lookouts" posted outside. Their original recordings were smuggled to the West on cassette tapes label - led with innocuous celebrity names - the Soviet accepted equivalents to our Tom Jones and Harry Belafonte - to fool outgoing customs officials. What was on these tapes, tho poorly recorded by western standards, would provide a glimpse of Russia's premiere Avant/Improv band in its infancy, and parts were released on vinyl by Recommended Records' Points East label, the remainder being provided by subsequent recording sessions. Tho recording conditions improved vastly, they continued to create their own, homemade instrumentation (some referred to as Zgamoniums) with an emphasis on percussive elements, rhythms, strange vocalisings and sounds, whilst incorporating more "normal" instrumentation as well. A perusal of their musical arsenal will show everything including the kitchen sink: toys, shock absorbers, sheet metal, wire brushes, springs, clangy-metallic-thingamajigs, homemade harps etc., all wired up to contact mics and the like, engineered both to defy the listeners' senses and to create their own sonic world.

via ReR USA

ZGA - God's plant


01. Mnemonia
02. Boschiana
03. Figures & letters
04. World has thinned out
05. Moon's fury
06. God's plant
07. Shadow
08. Go back
09. Dialects
10. Von weisheit keine spur
11. End of an epoch
ReR Megacorp
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Margot F. ha detto...

Great album!