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14 febbraio 2011

Tom Waits - Used songs (1973-1980) #2001

Those only familiar with Tom Waits's experimental post-Swordfishtrombones music on Island are often surprised and delighted to discover the singer-songwriter's pre-Swordfishtrombones work on Elektra. A sampling of Waits's nascent recordings is spotlighted on this Rhino compilation. Offering up a beat "hobo" persona that's part Jack Kerouac and part Charles Bukowski, Waits delivered a more traditional American musical persona back then. In fact, some of his melodies approached Stephen Foster territory (witness the absolutely gorgeous Heart of saturday night). Ol' '55 became famous via an EAGLES cover, Bruce Springsteen would immortalize Jersey girl and Whistlin' past the graveyard - which highlights his Louis Armstrong-meets-CAPTAIN BEEFHEART vocals of the period - still rocks. But while it's an excellent introduction, tracks like the beautiful Tom Troubert's blues will only make the more newly initiated want to hear albums like Small Change in their entirety.

Bill Holdship @

Tom Waits - Whistlin' past the graveyard


01. Heartattack and vine
02. Eggs and sausage (in a cadillac with Susan Michelson)
03. A sight for sore eyes
04. Whistlin' past the graveyard
05. Burma shave
06. Step right up
07. Ol' '55
08. I never talk to strangers
09. Mr. Siegal
10. Jersey girl
11. Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis
12. Blue Valentines
13. (Looking for) The heart of saturday night
14. Muriel
15. Wrong side of the road
16. Tom Traubert's blues (four sheets to the wind in Copenhagen)

Rhino records
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