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6 febbraio 2011

Mike Patton/Ikue Mori/John Zorn - Hemophiliac (2cd) #2002

Hemophiliac are a brutal improv-noise trio consisting of John Zorn (alto-saxophone, voice], Mike Patton (voice, electronics) and Ikue Mori (dum machines, electronics). Three musicians responsible for releasing music from the outer reaches of musical madness. Tzadik's Special Edition Hemophiliac 2CD set (2500 copies) was autographed by John Zorn, Mike Patton, and Ikue Mori and distributed worldwide by Tzadik, Ipecac, and the Downtown Music Gallery. Each musician signed there name on the front cover of the packaging which included four image cards inside the fold-out CD case. This instantly became an extremely rare collector's item and quickly sold-out due to it's initial print quantity and the fact that it will never be re-issued.
On Hemophiliac's New Years Eve performance, The Tonic was packed with two-hundred music enthusiasts anticipating an unforgettable show. What they experienced proved to be a phenomenal evening of extreme music initiated by the noise trio Hemophiliac. John Zorn's distinctive alto-sax performing style was both liberating and provocative. Mike Patton delivered focused improvisation with vocal manipulations and electronic wizardry. Ikue Mori developed her intriguing world of live samples which included glass droplets and ambient clicks. Using the strength of an Apple G4 PowerBook, Ikue Mori has written an idiosyncratic language for percussive electronics with ambient sound design. Both Mike Patton and John Zorn seem to have an exceptional relationship for musical cues that could almost be telepathic. John Zorn's paternalistic bond with Mike Patton is clearly noticed between each track when they share a respectful glance together. Both are loyal collaborators on each others studio projects, however, when witnessing them together something sincerely paranormal happens. Hemophiliac is the most incredibly intense live performance ever experienced!
Hemophiliac's debut release was recorded between 2000 and 2002 in various locations throughout Europe and the United States.

via Xtreme Music

Mike Patton/Ikue Mori/John Zorn - Mood swing


CD 1

01. Skin eruptions
02. Edema
03. Stretch marks
04. The stitch
05. Malabsorption
06. High anxiety
07. Dizzy spells
08. Mood swing

CD 2

01. Gotu kola
02. Black kohosh
03. The squaw vine
04. Blessed thistle
05. Sillymarin
06. Red clover
07. Chlorophyll enemas
08. The black radish
09. Essence of Primrose
10. Dong Quai



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