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21 febbraio 2014

Storm{O} - Sospesi nel vuoto bruceremo in un attimo e il cerchio sarà chiuso #2014

Years, months, days of sweat and labor, sighs held and stifled breaths, between course changes and incisive pace: all of this will finally see light on February 21, 2014, conveyed in a single opus.
32 minutes and 32 seconds, 15 tracks based on the late 90's post-hardcore, soiled by dark crust riffs and renewed by an emotionally intensive mood, relentlessly lacerated by a native-language screaming which takes its roots from the Italian hardcore of the 80's.
Rennie Resmini from STARKWEATHER says:
«Very caustic...though there is a brief sense of calm with the 14th track.
I love the fact you guys have kept the vocals in your native tongue. It definitely adds to the ferocity and in my case, unable to speak the language, a sense of disorientation.
Real good mix, too. Everything is present and accounted for, good sense of space.
The Storm{O} release is a fantastic surprise».
Recorded live in the studio in 6 days and mixed at Studio 73 by Riccardo Pasini (THE SECRET, EPHEL DUATH) and mastered by Alan Douches (CONVERGE, ORCHID) at West West Side Music, New York, the full length album will be released in gatefold 12” format, with artwork by Luca Rento.

via Bandcamp

Storm{O} - Fuga


01. In Volo
02. Supernova
03. Fuga
04. Perché La Bambina Cade
05. Sorridendo (Alla Possibilità Della Caduta)
06. D'istanti
07. Un Coltello: Compassione O Comprensione
08. Delle Nostre Vite Appese
09. Meditazione Sulle Eterne Massime: Parte I - "Le Cose Peggiori"
10. Meditazione Sulle Eterne Massime: Parte II - "La Debolezza"
11. Meditazione Sulle Eterne Massime: Parte III - "L'accecante Guida"
12. Human 2.0
13. Aspettandone Uno Vivo
14. Respiro
15. Per Le Tue Lacrime

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