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4 febbraio 2014

NASA Space Universe - Brainrailers (7") #2010

If anything gets me back into hardcore it’ll be Nasa Space Universe. This is easily the best hardcore record I’ve listened to fresh this year. For one reason or another I’m getting the same vibes I did first time listening to the MINUTEMEN. This is more ostentatiously hardcore, and sticking to the stock reviewer band comparisons would maybe make more sense, but there’s something refreshing about this that can’t be summed up by selling it as another plain 80s hardcore revivalist effort. Or maybe it’s just successful, managing to capture more than just an aesthetic. Either way, it’s a refreshing hardcore 7". It’s not a full length that run the risks of getting old, and it’s not a 45 with not enough music to justify the pressing. Plus every song is a beast. Essentially a perfect hardcore seven.

via Collective Zine

Nasa Space Universe - Passionate hash


a1. Sean Rodman
a2. Passionate hash
a3. Pee flavor Georgia floor job

b1. BWAP
b2. Bradford trap bubba
b3. Bukkake sake

Shogun records
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