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16 aprile 2013

Six Minute War Madness - Full fathom six #2000

Six Minute War Madness were born in January 1992: Federico Ciappini on vocals, Paolo Cantù (former member of TASADAY and AFTERHOURS) and Xabier Iriondo (also in AFTERHOURS) on guitars, Massimo Marini on bass and Daniele Misirliyan on drums. In September 1993 they put out their first 7” Holy Joe/Evensong on the punk label Blu Bus and during the same year another song, Truck fucker, appeared on the compilation Faces Vol. 2. A year later they contributed four tracks to the album Lubrificant for your mind. In 1996 the band released their first full length album and switched to singing in Italian. The self-titled debut was followed by 1997′s Il vuoto elettrico and, after a slight line-up change, the band released 2000′s Full fathom six. While the first self-titled record is based on the melting of powerful mid-times and explosive and angular guitarwork, in the two albums that followed Six Minute War Madness started to experiment with form by incorporating sounds that can be traced to the Chicago/Louisville scene and to the Cantù-Iriondo-Magistrali side-project called A SHORT APNEA. Six Minute War Madness split up in 2002.

da Wallace records

Six Minute War Madness - Un filo di vita


01. Gli incubi
02. [untitled]
03. Uomini cattivi non ho più l’età per lasciarli vivi
04. Full fathom six
05. [untitled] 
06. Un filo di vita
08. VI Moravia
09. Prima noia
10. Come un soffio
12. Tokyo
14. Washington che urla
16. Panorama

Santeria records
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