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21 aprile 2013

Il Giardino Violetto - Dans macabre #2004

Giardino Violetto was born in 1989, year in which many other bands formed,as an answer to an advertisement posted up in a record shop. Guitar, bass, drums and a garage to play in, as the natural expression for any angry teenager in hatred with the world, a quest for an aesthetics ofthe inner and social catastrophe which was, in the late 80ies, the natural habitat of the band. Darkness, claustrophobia, insight, altered states are the main themes in the lyrics and the sensations flowing from Giardino Violetto’s sound.
After some playing, the line up is reduced from three members to just two, adding instead a drum machine. The technical weakness of the duo led necessarly to an experimetal output. The sound ideas whirled wildly in their hot minds, but how to achieve was really far from realizing. Thus, after an year spent closed in that garage, decide to record these few drum machine patterns, lack of skill, and the load of ideas.
What is created is their first and only demo tape: Danse macabre. Beside the written lyrics and some bass/guitar parts, the tracks are almost made up freely, especially the vocals. Has been let the sensation of the moment take advantage, like a polaroid of real life excerpts. Just the time to do an unique gig at the Uonna Club, legendary club in Rome’s underground scene, and by then everything stop just in the way it started, from emptiness to nothing. The band split up, the two members take their own ways not to meet again...
The cd contains the 1989 demotape (digitally remastered), plus the remixes of two songs, L.iquid S.ensations D.isplay (S*phz remix 2004) and Litanie a Satana (FM/S*phz remix 2004).
Danse Macabre is the first cd to be released in Italy with Creative Commons licenses.

via In The Night Time

Il Giardino Violetto - Litanie a Satana


01. Perversion
02. Il giardino violetto
03. Waiting (Red death)
04. L.iquid s.ensations d.isplay
05. Premature burial
06. Litanie a Satana
07. Catacombs
08. Locusts
09. L.iquid s.ensations d.isplay (Throat remix)
10. Litanie a Satana (FM Caustic remix)



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