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13 aprile 2013

Os Estudantes - Álbum #2007

This is one fucking cool record. Sounds like a blend of old US punk with bits of Brazilian punk mixed in there. Snotty vocal delivery and catchy songwriting make this a great listen. Nice stark silk-screened cover with minimal graphics adds to the whole package here. Now, onto the bad stuff. This really good record with cool art (and did I mention that it is on yellow vinyl?) has a major flaw. There are only 100 fucking copies in existence – now isn't that cute? Good luck getting a hold of this.

Martin Sorrondeguy, Maximum Rocknroll #294, november 2007

Os Estudantes - Pária


a1. Odio
a2. Pária
a3. Não quero saber
a4. Angústia
a5. Cumprimento
a6. Swing
a7. Perdedor
a8. Adeus
a9. Treze anos

b1. Meus olhos
b2. Aprendizado
b3. Kamikaze kid
b4. Morrer
b5. Medo da vida
b6. Gin
b7. 24hs por dia



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