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20 settembre 2012

Movie Star Junkies - Movie Star Junkies (7'') #2007

I liked what this Italian outfit brought to the table on the split 10" with FEELING OF LOVE. They bring some good cheese to this picnic as well. Says it was recorded in the refrigerator at Boto's apple factory, and I have to say that walk-in cooler has great acoustics. Both of the tunes on this are worthwhile, Dialogue between Zachary Swenson and Timothy Leary is all up in your weirdpunk-gluewave face, but with a guttural kind of slaughterhouse pigfuck aesthetic that I find endearing. Has a dread-inducing sort of rural vibe to it, genuinely scary at times, but not via overwrought theatric effects or "creepy" bullshit. These guys have some deft moves, the break on Lipstick is really crafty, and it's the top-o-the-heap of recent Italian vintage. Sublime organ sounds, slick guitar slinging, troubled vocals. A little bit more country this time around, but I like it really well. The best of the recent batch of Nasty Products. Scum stats: 500 copies, I'd get one.


Movie Star Junkies - Dialogue between Zachary Swenson and Timothy Leary


a1. Lipstick

b1. Dialogue between Zachary Swenson and Timothy Leary

Nasty Product
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