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28 settembre 2012

John Woo - Woodoo #2001

This italian band proves that sometimes also pasta-country has something to teach musically wise: imagine a cross between latest MAN OR ASTROMAN? and some deranged garage-punk unit, add some keyboards that sounds like an old Atari computer and a powerful yet fuzzy sound. More than that, these guys are hooked on aliens and UFOs as I am on porn, so you can imagine what a weird sci-fi-groove mess can be spread in your room while listening to this. Don't be stupid and get one as soon as you can, they deserve attention.

via Garbage Dump

John Woo - Oscar


01. Oscar
02. Clutz
03. Compleanno pop svedese
04. Nabuk
05. Il segreto di Adamski
06. Bora Bora
07. Searching
08. Hypnovista
09. Invasione
10. Gli alieni sono qua
11. Milano hate
12. Won't you tell me
13. John Woo
14. Dinosauro
15. Gonzo
16. Sick head
17. Alcolici & alieni

Fog records
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AFS ha detto...

They're great, i've been searching for their last EP "I Wanna Get Some Free" and couldn't find it anywhere.

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