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27 settembre 2012

Gara - Manifest (8'') #1985

Very rare 4-track 8" ep by this killer Japanese goth/darkwave band Gara. They were the first band of Yukino, who also played in the other goth/darkwave/new wave bands like SURREALISTIC MEN, NEUROTIC DOLL, EX-ANS, ZEUS MACHINA (ex-MADAME EDWARDA singer's band), DIP-ASH, LIZARD (MOMOYO & THE LIZARD) etc. and currently plays the guitar in the legendary AUTO-MOD. Released in 1985 on Yukino's private label Vital Plant (a sub-label of Explosion), a short-lived label that also put out the first Z.O.A. 12" and SURREALISTIC MEN 7". Gara plays some excellent Japanese gothic that's comparable to NEUROTIC DOLL, MADAME EDWARDA, NUBILE, MANNEQUIN NEUROSE, SADIE SADS, GAKIDOU, ADENOID, BARDO THODOL etc. Totally in the vein of those classic '80s U.K. and U.S. goth/darkwave bands that are classified as "Positive Punk" (CHRISTIAN DEATH, THE SISTERS OF MERCY, BAUHAUS, THE DANSE SOCIETY...).


Gara - The lady in gray


a1. Karyatide/De-Z

b1. La arrière-monde
b2. The lady in gray

Vital Plant
Download here


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