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29 novembre 2011

The Lewd - Lewd conduct in a public place! (live) #1999

Truth to tell, I wasn't looking forward to reviewing this lp, as my dim recollection of the LEWD was of a rather unextraordinary band. Whether I'm falling victim to the lure of the jasmine-scented past (uh, ahem) or my tastes have gotten broader in my old age (what are the odds of that?). I actually rather enjoyed this live lp (even though it suffers a low guitar volume, as is typical of board tapes). As with a lot of shows of the general era I recollect, the cover songs (in this case, the SONICS' Boss Hoss and SONNY BONO's Bang Bang) tend to stand out as better crafted than the originals and the performance has some loose moments, but it's a worthy (and entertaining) document.

via Maximum Rock'n'Roll #199

The Lewd - Lewd conduct


a1. Public execution
a2. Lewd conduct
a3. Catastrophe
a4. Climate of fear
a5. Boss Hoss (SONICS cover)
a6. Bang bang (SONNY BONO cover)

b1. Trash can baby
b2. M-17
b3. Walter's  lips
b4. Kill yourself
b5. Love for hate
b6. I'm not pretty

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