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7 settembre 2011

VV.AA. - Mutant pop 78/79 #1980

The Edinburgh indie's compilation is heartily recommended to those who don't own the GANG OF FOUR ep; Love like anthrax is on the album (soon come from Warners), but Damaged goods and Armalite rifle are just as sharp and the import 45'll cost you half as much as this whole domestic lp. Those who don't own the MEKONS' Where were you (an old fave) and FLOWERS' After dark (a new one) should also invest, because with one exception everything else is at least interesting: a single by 2.3 (they call it pop), another Flowers (woman-group), the first HUMAN LEAGUE single (promising but thin), the first Mekons single (crude but promising), and the only SCARS single (I trust).

via Robert Christgau


a1. THE MEKONS - Never been in a riot
a2. THE MEKONS - 32 weeks
a3. THE MEKONS - Where are you?
a4. SCARS - Adultery
a5. SCARS - Horror show
a6. THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Being boiled
a7. THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Circus of death

b1. 2.3 - All time low
b2. 2.3 - Where to now?
b3. THE FLOWERS - After dark
b4. THE FLOWERS - Confessions
b5. GANG OF FOUR - Love like anthrax
b6. GANG OF FOUR - Armalite rifle
b6. GANG OF FOUR - Damaged goods

PVC records
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