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1 settembre 2011

The Crimson Curse - Greatest hits #2005

Not too long after the awesome SWING KIDS, who added JOY DIVISION like post punk to the San Diego Hardcore spazz, broke up, the Crimson Curse emerged. They're not totally removed from the Swing Kids sound, but the addition of buzzy synths did mark a new direction. It's not the SCREAMERS or anything, but this one still has a synth punk charm. Dudes later went on to form the LOCUST (ugh) and the ALBUM LEAF (double ugh) and something like 10,000 other bands. But this is the one to hear. I still think this one holds up well, which is a lot considering how much from that time sounds really dated. But his might just be nostalgia talking.

via Creep Scanner

The Crimson Curse - Radiation blue


01. Funeral empire
02. Radiation blue
03. Both feet in the grave
04. Sweet baby Jesus
05. Blood thirsty lust
06. Velvet flesh design
07. Psycho 75
08. I liner
09. Rat romance
10. Black dye no 15
11. Goldfish

Three One G records
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