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9 settembre 2011

Alfred Hitchcock - Music to be murdered by #1958

Obviously, Alfred Hitchcock presents Music to be murdered by wasn't a bad idea - it was a commercial one.
Hitchcock, at least in Music to be murdered by, didn't have to step too far out of his comfort zone to accommodate this project. His characteristic flat, dry, and heavily inflected delivery occupies only the first minute or so of each track, whereas the rest of the time is taken with Jeff Alexander's "spooky" arrangements of familiar tunes with titles related in an ironic way to Hitchcock's murderous narrative - After you've gone and I'll never smile again for example. Hitchcock's monologues are the best thing about the album, and they are quite amusing; Alexander's music is considerably less so. Chances are the Hitchcock enthusiast who obtains this will only want to listen to it once, or perhaps, once a year at Hallowe'en.

via AllMusic
Alfred Hitchcock - [Intro]


a1. Music to be murdered by
a2. I'll never smile again
a3. I don't a ghost of a chance with you
a4. After you've gone
a5. Alfred Hitchcock television theme

b1. Suspicion
b2. Body and soul
b3. Lover come back to me
b4. I'll walk alone
b5. The hour of parting

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Magnifico. Grazie 1000.

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I've come across this interesting post only to find that the link is dead. Would you mind re-uploading this, please? Grazie.