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29 settembre 2011

Holy Shit! - Holy shit! #2007

Like their Detroit brethren the TERRIBLE TWSO these guys write some of the most original and explosive music you can get your ears around today. It's hard, fast, crazed, and careening hardcore punk played at supersonic speed teetering here and there at the brink of total destruction before crashing to a sudden abrupt knee-in-the-bollocks end then the whole process starts again.

via Criminal IQ store

Holy Shit! - Shitting outside the box 


a1. Celebration proclamation
a2. I shot brock
a3. I hate this stupid world because it sucks like hell
a4. Shitting outside the box
a5. Last at the suicide party
a6. Nervous assistant
a7. I hate hospitals
a8. Jumping into a goddamned waterfall

b1. BFF
b2. Eyes of pacman
b3. Getting floral
b4. Religious suicide
b5. Hot shit
b6. Stuck in the future past
b7. Reason to hate
b8. It takes a nation of millions to get us drunk

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2 commenti:

Garba ha detto...

Belli fighi.

Anonimo ha detto...

Sto cercando SAVAGE CIRCLE "Dio/My Bleeding Throat" 12" 1986: per caso ce l'hai? Potresti caricarlo? Thanx!