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19 aprile 2011

Repulsione/Isolamento - Anti human powerviolence/Isolamento (7" split) #2009

Repulsione plays fast and raw powerviolence. Double-bass, high-power distortion attack with blasting drums. Grindcore 90's style meets thrashcore. Anti human powerviolence contains 5 tracks of thrashin' grindcore powerviolence with socio-political lyrics expressing hatred toward mankind and society. Some influences include: ROT, AGATHOCLES, YACOPSAE, UNHOLY GRAVE, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER & D.R.I.
Isolamento is a thrash hardcore band proudly hailing from Casalecchio. Their sound is influenced by 80's American hardcore like BLACK FLAG, CIRCLE JERKS, D.R.I., MINOR THREAT & BAD BRAINS as well as old school Italian hardcore bands like NEGAZIONE and INDIGESTI. Packed with political and anti-fascist lyrics. 3 fast thrash tracks to start the moshpit! Co-release with PMC Autoproduzioni Libertarie & Antani Productions. 100 red vinyl, 400 black vinyl pressed.

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a1. REPULSIONE - Cose da non fare
a2. Antihuman powerviolence
a3. Fast Allah...fuck islam!
a4. Né ora né mai
a5. Tribute to San Remo pt. 2
a6. Futuro inesistente

b1. ISOLAMENTO - Bastard bigots
b2. Teachin' a made up reality
b3. Time for commitment

De Rok records/PMC autoproduzioni/Antani productions
Repulsione myspace
Isolamento myspace
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