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9 aprile 2011

Endstand/Kafka - Diferente actitud juvenil (split) #2002

A split cd between Endstand, the finnish rock 'n' roll heroes of the DIY and the italian screaming mosher Kafka. 5 songs by Endstand and 4 by Kafka for keeping alive the political DIY hardcore spirit.
The split is out! It is produced by Fuxony rec (Brighton) and No! records, and contain 4 songs per each band plus a NEGATIVE APPROACH cover performed by Endstand. The title is Diferente actitud juvenil. The split is born by an idea of Buzz, the guy who leads Fuxony, and both the bands really liked it. The split cd, dividing a record with another band gives you the chance to have a large and effective distribution without desperately looking for the cohoperation of big labels. This allows us to be the creators of the whole thing, from the promotion to the realization of the cover, from production to distibution. This is hardcore for us, too.

via Active Distribution


01. ENDSTAND - Mr. hypocrisy
02. When dreams die
03. Dream, hope and belief
04. Rise and fall
05. Can't tell no one (NEGATIVE APPROACH cover)

06. KAFKA - Ho sempre sbagliato
07. I nostri ricordi sono favole
08. Impegno
09. Venticinquequattro

Fuxony/No! records
Endstand myspace
Download here


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