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17 aprile 2011

Johnny Throttle - Stukas über Shoreditch (7") #2008

At last - the debut release from Johnny Throttle, and the first release on the Wrench Records label for almost four years!
Johnny Throttle formed in 2008 and have been playing drunken, beer-soaked gigs regularly since then. They are fronted by ex-PARKINSONS singer Afonso, and have former members of MENACE, SHAKIN' NASTIES, JACKOFFS and URBAN SHOCKS in the band. They play snotty, moronic and straight-to-the-point punk. Live, they bang out a furious 20-minute set of short and catchy SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS meet the ELECTRIC EELS type Punk Rock! This is probably London's best punk band, and definitely London's snottiest!

via Wrench

Johnny Throttle - Public retard


a1. Stukas over Shoreditch
a2. Public retard

b1. City of dirt
b2. Looking at you

Wrench records

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