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3 settembre 2013

Crime + The City Solution - The dangling man e.p. (12") #1985

Although singer Simon Bonney had led a series of groups under this odd name, it was only in the wake of the BIRTHDAY PARTY — when guitarist Rowland S. Howard, drummer Mick Harvey and Howard's bass-playing brother Harry joined — that the Australian band gained international access and recognition.
The dangling man, a four-track disc, picks up where the PARTY ended — a slow, stripped-down, blues-flavored horror show. (Considering that Cave did much the same on his first solo recordings, one wonders if the band didn't break up out of boredom rather than any serious musical differences). None of the songs really take off, but it does show promise.


Crime + The City Solution - Shakin' chill


a1. The dangling man
a2. The last day

b1. At the crossroads
b2. Shakin' chill



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Titus Bresthell ha detto...

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